Malcolm Gladwell 2011 TED Talk: The strange tale of the Norden bombsight

I really enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell 2011 TED Talk: The strange tale of the Norden bombsight.

Have a look of the first iteration of this talk delivered at University of Toronto. Plus my previous addition to my list of Quotes I Love and Quotes I Love (videos).

Technology alone doesn’t solve problems. Social media does not create revolutions. Its a tool. Nothing more or less. Real revolutions are born out of righteous anger and courage and vision. […] The issue is not how accurate a bomb is. The issue is what to do the bombs you have. And more importantly, whether to use bombs at all. Technological problems are not the hardest part of the future. They are the easiest part. The hard part are the human problems that accompany the rise of technology.” – Malcolm Gladwel‬l at University of Toronto: Malcolm Gladwell, Convocation 2011 Honorary Degree speech video (starts at about time code 6:38)

ref: CNN Jun 17th, 2011 report “Malcolm Gladwell: When technology fails

P.S. By the way, also check out Videos of Malcolm Gladwell at Cannes Lions 2011.

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