Andy Rooney, ’60 Minutes’ Commentator/Chief Complainer, Passes Away at 92

I am saddened of the news that Andy Rooney passes away at 92 after saying goodbye to us on his last 60 Minutes appearance on Oct 2nd only only a month ago. I think Andy lived a great live speaking his mind as he saw things. I think if someone was doing things that he/she love, then the person isn’t working at all. By that standard, it was wonderful to see Andy work till only weeks ago.

Goodbye Andy. You are missed.

LA Times, “Andy Rooney dies at 92; ’60 Minutes’ longtime curmudgeon – His end-of-show essays turned him into a reluctant celebrity. TV Guide called him ‘America’s favorite grump.’ He retired in October 2011 after 33 years on the show.

ABC News, Andy Rooney Passes Away

Ottawa Citizen, “Andy Rooney, Rest In Peace

WSJ Blog, “Andy Rooney, ’60 Minutes’ Commentator, Dies at 92

CBS 60 Minutes Overtime, “Remembering Andy Rooney” (note: at the moment, none of the video links on the page are working for me)

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