Steve Jobs biography review/”best of” – Design Principles, The Studio of Jobs and Ive

I am adding “Chapter 25 Design Principles, The Studio of Jobs and Ive”  to my Steve Jobs biography review/”best of” series.

Design has always interested me, so I actually looked up the Jony Ive section and jumped to this chapter first after I read the Introduction chapter.

See is my personal “best of” in the “Design Principles, The Studio of Jobs and Ive” chapter (click to read the high res capture).

Steve Jobs biography review/best of - Pix 02 - Design Principles

To me, this excerpt in the Design chapter is extremely telling (emphasis added),

They [Jobs and Ive] began to have lunch together regularly, and Jobs would end his day by dropping by Ive’s design studio for a chat. “Jony had a special status,” said Laurene Powell. “He would come by our house, and our families became close. Steve is never intentionally wounding to him. Most people in Steve’s life are replaceable. But not Jony.

Walter Isaacson talks about “Steve Jobs’ Innovation

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