Vancouver’s ties to ‘Occupy’ financial movement

Two insightful articles,

* “Vancouver’s ties to ‘Occupy’ financial movement” Here is an excerpt,

“A Twitter hashtag was fired off on July 13 this summer from a house in Vancouver’s quiet, leafy Fairview Slopes neighbourhood — 17 characters that would ignite anti-corporate protests in New York and other North American cities: #OccupyWallStreet.

An email was also sent out from the innocuous-looking five-storey, 100-year-old house to 90,000 people on a mailing list: “On Sept. 17, flood into Lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street.”

The left-wing call to action came from the office of Adbusters, a non-profit, anti-consumerism magazine created in Vancouver 22 years ago to subvert what its founder Kalle Lasn has called the “spectacle” of capitalist culture.

The Adbusters issue that hit the news stands in mid-July came with a striking and iconic centrefold poster for the proposed protest: A ballerina delicately perched atop a charging bull. Protesters in anarchist black emerge through fog behind the beastly bronzed symbol of Wall Street, wearing gas masks and holding batons. Above the ballerina is the question: “What is our one demand?”

On Sept. 17, nearly 1,000 people heeded the Adbusters call and gathered in New York’s financial district to protest against Wall Street and its role in creating the economic crisis and the growing gap between rich and poor.”

* “Adbusters founders cheer their Occupy idea

“Just a few short months ago, staff members at Adbusters’ magazine — one of the seminal agents of the modern-day culture-jamming movement — watched, rapt, as scores of ordinary Egyptians took to the streets to depose a dictator and end decades of brutal repression at the hands of their government.

“We had sort of a communal, ‘Aha!’ moment,” Adbusters co-founder Kalle Lasn recalled in an interview.

“We started wondering whether the same kind of tools that were used in Egypt, and the sort of regime-change philosophy, couldn’t be applied to America.” […]

On Saturday, it arrives in several Canadian cities, including Toronto, Montreal [, Calgary] and Vancouver.”


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