Bill Cunningham New York – LOVE IT

I love the Bill Cunningham New York trailer. If you enjoy fashion, I dare you to not love it. Hope it will be screened in Calgary but I suspect I’ll have to watch it on DVD.

Love this Anna Wintour quote in the trailer, “We all get dressed for Bill.” “He has been documenting me since I was a kid. And it is one snap, two snap, or he ignores you, which is death.”

[HT Alice Schroeder for the movie link and the recommendation, “just saw Bill Cunningham New York, surely will win an Oscar. Fantastic.”]

P.S. At press time, it is 98% Fresh.

Roger Ebert,

“Do not make the mistake of calling Bill Cunningham a “fashion photographer.” He is a photographer of people and what they wear. Don’t call him a “paparazzo.” He doesn’t know who half the celebrities are and doesn’t care. He’s genuinely fascinated by what people wear — not by haute couture, but by what makes people feel good about themselves. He cycles to social events and openings, to street fairs and parades, to parks and markets, and will stop in the middle of the street if he spots an interesting hat.”


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