Michael Lewis, author of “Liars’ Poker,” talks with Bloomberg about “The Big Short”

As I was trying to find more about Steve Eisman to read and watch, I found this older (March 16, 2010) but good Bloomberg interview, “Author Lewis Says Wall Street Is `Making America Worse’“. (Still waiting for Lewis to start talking about Eisman.) (note: Steve is highly regarded by Alice, who I respect.)

“March 16 (Bloomberg) — Michael Lewis, author of “Liars’
Poker,” talks with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker about the subprime mortgage crisis and his new book “The Big Short.” The book is a chronicle of four sets of players in the
subprime mortgage market who had the foresight and gumption to short the riskiest mortgage deals: Steve Eisman of FrontPoint, Greg Lippmann at Deutsche Bank, three partners at Cornwall Capital, and Michael Burry of Scion Capital. (Source Bloomberg)”


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