Hi Jack, How are we doing? – RIP Jack Layton (1950 – 2011)

Jack Layton (1950 - 2011)

Some of my tweets and retweets today in memory of Jack Layton (1950 – 2011).

  • Goodbye Jack. You will be missed. Staying home to watch the state funeral of Jack LIVE. [via @kempton]
  • “How I live my life every day is my act of worship,” @jacklayton told Hawkes. #cdnpoli #RIPLayton [via @SusanDelacourt ]
  • What was important, to Jack, was to make life better and not leave anyone behind, Hawkes says. #jl [vi @kady ]
  • It was about what changes need to be done, what actions need to be taken to make Canada a better country. #jl [via @kady]
  • “Hi Jack, How are we doing?” #cdnpoli #RIPLayton #canada [via @kempton]
  • “If the Olympics can make us prouder Cdns, then maybe Jack’s life can make us better Cdns.” — Hawkes at @jacklayton funeral. [via @SusanDelacourt ]
  • May you, and may we, rise to the occasion, because the torch is now passed, and the job of making the world a better place is up to us.” #jl [via @kady ]

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