iPad app review: Moving Tales’ This Too Shall Pass

Moving Tales - This Too Shall Pass iPad & iPhone App

Apple iPad app:  ”This Too Shall Pass

Price: US$ 6.99

Star rating:  5 out of 5 stars

Review: The team at Moving Tales has done it again. ”This Too Shall Pass“ has beautiful 3D animation, engaging voice over, music, sound effects, and great message in the story. In fact, as in Moving Tales‘ first app “The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross” and “Unwanted Guest“, these stories are great for kids (and adults)!

I ended up enjoying the story of ”This Too Shall Pass“ in one sitting, like watching a beautifully written story book in the form of a movie. I am happy to see the Canadian team of Moving Tales is doing well and getting international recognition that it deserves. Feel free to have a watch of my previous Skype video interview with Matthew Talbot-Kelly, Founder of Moving Tales.

P.S. With its localization in Spanish and French with beautiful voice over, I recommended the apps to my Spanish speaking friend to use the app as a tool to help teach her daughter Spanish! :)

Here is a trailer and promo clip of ”This Too Shall Pass“.


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