Bikini Basketball and Lingerie Football are better ways to exploit women than …

Bikini basketball dribbles into Canada - TorStar

I don’t like to see women (and men) being exploited but bikini basketball and lingerie football are, paradoxically, better ways to exploit women than the Hong Kong newspaper Apple B.B. Daily taking photos of nonconsenting pretty women on the street and commenting on their looks.

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girl - pix 01Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 06

If we allow men to be exploited in cage fights, various forms of boxing, and even bare knuckle fist fights, practically allowing men to beat each other to a pulp and cause brain damages in the long run and call that “entertainment“, we have to be fair to women and allow them to bounce their breasts and show their butts. Equal opportunities to be “exploited”.

To me, the major sticking point with “Apple B.B. Daily taking photos of nonconsenting pretty women” is the word “nonconsenting“. I’m not 100% sure but based on my limited guess of HK laws and the HK’s views of “freedom of press”, I doubt the photos are against any laws. And it is up to HK citizens to accept or complain.

Coming back to bikini basketball and lingerie football, if Canadians don’t like what we see, we can always let those businesses know by our words, actions, and money.


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