Flower faucets drip tiny flowers – Sweet mystery of life

Flower faucets - by Shirley Lo

Photo used with permission, copyright: Shirley Lo
Check out her beautiful photo album.

On a sad day like yesterday, I was delighted by the momentary distraction by Shirley Lo‘s beautiful picture. Inspired by Shirley‘s words and not knowing if the photo has a name, I am calling it “Flower faucets“. Just hope Shirley doesn’t mind.

How did the photo inspire me to call it “Flower faucets“? Well, it started by me complementing Shirley and “asking” her a question which lead to a beautiful exchange. Sort of a sweet mystery of life. Since the exchange is public comments posted on the photo album, I will quote them here (using first names instead of G+ full names) with some followup comments.

Kempton: Beautiful & lovely photo [Shirley]. How did you get the tiny flower into the drop of water? Another mystery of life. :)

Shirley: thanks, Kempton ! haha water drops from flower faucets automatically come w/flowers :)

Kempton: Well said Shirley, I can sea an ad in your words. :) Thanks for your inspring pix & words.

Kempton: P.S. Shirley, may I have your permission to use this photo to write an article in my blog please (with credit to you of course)? Given what happened today in Norway, I would like to write something to distract and cheer myself up a little.

Shirley: Kempton check your pm :)

The above exchange was beautiful in that it creates something out of nothing. (More on this later.) An act of creativity is something positive and contributory to the society (small or big). The horrible act yesterday stood in stark contrast that it bought deaths and destructions which I needed some distraction from.

Now back to the sweet mystery of life (to me in this case, the process of creative inspirations). You see, like a game of tennis, I sent the ball over to Shirley by “asking”, “How did you get the tiny flower into the drop of water? Another mystery of life.” It was fun for me to come up with the question/comment. Instead of a polite thank you, Shirley came back with a witty comment, (yeah, the tennis ball comes back), “haha water drops from flower faucets automatically come w/flowers“. Beautiful mix of imageries and words.

Now, there is no way I am not going to try to send back the tennis “nicely” to keep up the game of words. OK, I am not as witty as Shirley, so I wrote, “Well said Shirley, I can sea an ad in your words. :) Thanks for your inspring pix & words.” Here is the thing, when a creator is not that creative, he creates a little but steals and borrows the rest. Let me explain what did I create, steal, and borrow.

Of course, all along, the main thing was I was entertaining myself, possibly Shirley (??), some readers of the comments won’t get it, but really, I am happy that I am happy! :) I am easy.

Anyway, I stayed with the water theme. You see, “Well said” was picked for the water in the well! And I e-sea-ly planted the “sea” in “sea an ad“. (And yes, I am serious about the ad thing, I like it enough that I may try to use it in a future ad idea.) Given Marshall McLuhan’s recent 100th birthday and the videos I’ve watched, including “the medium is the massage” video, once I recognizes how inspiring Shirley was, and how e-sea-ly I can misspelled it to “inspring“, the spring is in!

And thanks to the generosity of Shirley, I have the beautiful Flower faucets in this article and share with you a little of my crazy creative process. I do wonder if even Shirley picked up any of the minor stuff, and I am sure most people will miss it. But recycling the quote I love by the author Stephen King in his autobiography On Writing,

“Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well. It’s about getting up, getting well and getting over. Getting happy, okay? Getting happy.

It is after dark moments like yesterday, that we, citizens from around the world, collectively have to work harder to make our positive sides shine a little brighter to compensate for the darkness we witness. Destructions are unfortunately easier and can happen anywhere in the world.

If you can, in memory of the tragedies and deaths from yesterday, please consider assisting, building, rebuilding, creating, improving, and be inspiring to people in your communities or around the world.

Please shine brighter in the coming days, months, and years to compensate for the darkness we witness yesterday.


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