Is England Truly Pathetic? – Decide for yourself

Have a read of Kevin Roberts‘ “Truly Pathetic” and then decide for yourself. Please don’t comment if you haven’t read “Truly Pathetic“.

I think Kevin totally has a point. Pathetic indeed.


5 Responses to Is England Truly Pathetic? – Decide for yourself

  1. justin says:

    Fuel to the fire..the all blacks and the kiwi fans will eat them alive. There already the most hated team we face since 8 years ago. No respect will get what it deserves

  2. Frank Skidd says:

    A patriot loves his country, a racist hates others. Get on with loving the All Blacks and let others do what they like. Is adapting a kit in deference to the hosts pathetic or an honour.

    Simply, you can turn anything a visitor does into an issue if that is your objective. Did the South Africans drinking champaign in France represent an insult or a compliment to the hosts?

  3. kempton says:

    OK, setting aside the bit of trash talking an opposing team’s jerseys for a moment, here is my thought.

    Imagine a Canadian team playing sport XYZ, if the team jersey has always been in red and white (the colours of our flag) and then the designer wants to change it to yellow and green. I think Canadians will have none of that BS and demand it to be changed back to red and white. Just saying.

  4. hevangel says:

    I wonder what do they wear when playing against New Zealand.

  5. Oi-lin says:

    Who cares, so long as they win?

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