Remembering Violet Large – Lottery winner who gave it away dies

I was very much saddened after watching the news of the passing of Violet Large on CBC “Inspiring Lottery Winner Dies“.

Violet is a true inspiration to anyone who has heard her story. Here is an excerpt from The Chronicle Herald (emphasis added),

A Nova Scotian woman whose tale of generosity touched millions around the world has died.

Violet Large, 79, died Saturday in Colchester Regional Hospital after a battle with ovarian cancer.

The Lower Truro woman and her husband Allen Large became household names not for their July 2010 lottery win, but for what they did with the millions they received.

Despite the windfall, the retired couple continued to drive their old car and truck, and lived comfortably in their 147-year-old farmhouse.

And they gave away almost all of the $11.2 million they received.

“What you’ve never had, you never miss,” Violet told The Chronicle Herald in November.

The couple quietly donated to hospitals in Truro and Halifax where Violet, who had been diagnosed with cancer a few months before the win, underwent treatment. They also gave to family members, churches, cemeteries, fire departments, the Victorian Order of Nurses, the home and school association, Red Cross, SPCA, War Amps and many other organizations.

The couple wouldn’t say how much they donated to each group, but they kept giving until there was nothing left but a small percentage — about two per cent — to keep their home running.

2 Responses to Remembering Violet Large – Lottery winner who gave it away dies

  1. Laura Madere says:

    I am so sorry to see such a beautiful person pass away. I’ll be praying for Allen, I know this has to be the hardest time of his life. He has lost his best friend and what a friend she was!
    It’s so nice to see good people like this DO STILL Exist! With so many bad things in the news daily it’s great to have a couple like this who are truly Saints. I would of loved to known Violet, in person, but I am still very happy to have learned of their very generous story.
    God Bless you Allen and May Violet rest in peace!

  2. Marilyn Weber says:

    I had just received an e-mail about this wonderful couple. I am so sorry for the passing of Violet. I know how you must feel, as I lost my soul mate to cancer also, there is nothing that can fill the emptiness that is left there, but knowing that they are not suffering anymore and have ran their race receiving their reward in heaven, I can rejoice in that. Just wanted to let you know, you are in my prayers continually; that weeping only endures through the night and joy comes in the morning. God Bless You and Yours. Marilyn Weber

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