University of Michigan Solar Car Quantum Mock Races

Photo Credit: UM Solar Car Team - Joe Menzia carefully sorts modules and attaches them to stiff cardboard using 3M Polyimide tape for testing.

From University of Michigan Solar Car Quantum Mock Races, LIVE (emphasis added, check it out while it is LIVE (as of 11:15am MST, 16 July, 2011)) (update: see below for new mock race videos from today)

The defending National Championship Solar Car Team is about to embark on a one thousand mock race around Michigan’s lower peninsula. This race allows the team to simulate race-like conditions and gain valuable on-road testing. The team gets to go through all the aspects of solar car racing; including intervehicle communication, caravan travel and safety procedures. In particular the strategy division will get to perfect their race day action plan.”

Here is the UM promo video “100 Days to Win the World“,

Mock Race: MI | Day 1: Solar Car at 50 MPH

Mock Race: MI | Day 1: Solar Car St. Joseph’s Control Stop

Mock Race: MI | Day 1: Morning

July 18 update: Mock Race: MI | Day 2

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