Second chuckwagon horse death: Does Calgary Stampede get it? – Will you let Calgary Deathpede bring you yearly horse death for the next 30-40 years? – Doing your part to help change Calgary Stampede

Second chuckwagon horse death - Does Calgary Stampede get it

Last Sunday I somewhat defended Calgary Stampede here and in this article plus comments after the first horse death on opening Friday. Today, six days later after watching CTV News report “Stampede probes second chuckwagon horse death” and reading CBC News “Second horse dies at Calgary Stampede“, in particular this excerpt, I have no choice but change my mind. (note: the “record fine” is now at $12,500. Of course, the horse is just as dead whatever the “fine” was.)

“”In general terms, we’ve had a relatively safe event,” Fraser said Friday. “Unfortunately, we’ve had these two horses die and we have to continue to try and improve our system. It’s not just a one-year fix.”

He said the goal is always to have no animal deaths, but pointed to comments recently made by noted animal science expert Dr. Temple Grandin who argued rodeos themselves are not at fault.

“It’s the way breeding has taken place over the last 30 or 40 years,” Fraser said, summarizing Grandin’s argument. [Kempton’s note: WTF? Is Fraser doing “expectation control” and conditioning us to expect to see animals died unnecessary to entertain us for the next 30-40 years to come? Is he serious?“] “These horses are bred so that they’re big and powerful but not necessarily as strong as they could be.””

You see, I don’t think Calgary Stampede gets it. Calgary Stampede is trying to use Dr. Grandin’s explanations to repeat the old PR explanation, “It’s not just a one-year fix.” Kinda like the same old BS that Calgary Stampede has been feeding us every time after horses or animals died in accidents in Calgary Stampede.

What I am seeing today is that Calgary Stampede is unwilling/incapable of seeing the need for urgent changes, yes urgent changes now, not the next 10-20 years. Urgent changes now! So that fundament differences are made and results be seen in 2012!

For me personally, until I see Calgary Stampede‘s willingness to stop feeding us PR BS, I have no choice but avoid attending any more Calgary Stampede rodeo or chuckwagon races in the future. And I will actively tell my relative, friends, and people I know to avoid Calgary Stampede rodeo or chuckwagon races unless they want to participate in contributing to the Calgary Stampede‘s leisurely pace to change while letting animals die unnecessary year in year out.

Given this kind of yearly unnecessary animal deaths, Calgary Stampede might as well be renamed Calgary Deathpede! Yes, Calgary Stampede renames to Calgary Deathpede to memorialize the animals that die unnecessarily for the lack of urgent changes now. Calgarians and the tickets buying public have a lot more convincing power than Calgary Stampede is seeing.

Doing your part to help change Calgary Stampede

Take a minute to give “distinguished” Calgary lawyer Michael Casey, president and chairman of Calgary Stampede a call at his office (phone: 403-260-8505) , email ( ), or leave him a comment at his blog to tell him exactly how you feel about the unnecessary animal deaths and Calgary Stampede‘s leisurely pace to change. Demand nothing less than fundament differences made and results seen in 2012!

As Margaret Mead puts it in one of the quotes I love,

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”


3 Responses to Second chuckwagon horse death: Does Calgary Stampede get it? – Will you let Calgary Deathpede bring you yearly horse death for the next 30-40 years? – Doing your part to help change Calgary Stampede

  1. joe says:

    this is ignorant bullshit, you tree huggers have no info and do not know the reality of what goes on inside these barns, till you do know the reality, ,, fuck off

  2. kempton says:


    Calgary Stampede is fortunate to have people like you defending them in a reasoned discussion by telling people to fuck off.

    I am not naive and have no problem with seeing horses, at the end of their useful life, become meat, etc. Unfortunately, animals, unless they are pets, don’t really get fed by humans out of goodness of our hearts.

    What I have problem is seeing horses and other animals died avoidable death in Calgary Stampede almost every year LIVE in front of audiences of all ages.

    I have planned to write another article about this. Thanks to your encouragement in telling me to fuck off, I have put that article back in the priority queue and will try to finish that article sooner than otherwise.

    I always welcome reasoned debates/discussions, but I don’t appreciate rude people’s inputs and don’t really have time to deal with people who don’t even know have to be respectful of people who don’t share the same view with them.

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