Update from Save Glenmore Park after recent comments from Premier Ed Stelmach and Transport Minister Luke Ouellette

Braeside Stampede Breakfast - pix 06 - Save Glenmore Park

With the recent comments from Premier Ed Stelmach and Transport Minister Luke Ouellette, I asked the Save Glenmore Park group (which I interviewed here) for some followup comments. The Save Glenmore Park group members had a meeting tonight, and the following an email excerpt from Jesse Salus, an organizer of Save Glenmore Park group.

There are some real mixed feeling about the possibility of a Tsuu T’ina alignment for a Southwest Ring Road. On the one hand, it largely avoids the social issues a 37th street alignment would have, such as knocking down houses and disrupting the recreational use of the reservoir and the parks. On the other hand, while some environmental issues are better with the Tsuu T’ina alignment (such as a greatly reduced crossing over our drinking water), others are not (such as the road becoming a barrier to wildlife entering the area and harming the local biodiversity).

We respect the Tsuu T’ina’s right to sell their land for the development of the road. If the road goes ahead on Tsuu T’ina land, Save Glenmore Park will seek an active role in looking at ways in which the Province can ensure that any development is done in a sensitive and sustainable manner. In the meantime, until a deal is reached, we will continue to build support to ensure that the priceless areas around the weaselhead are protected, and that a 37th street alignment does not proceed.


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