University of Calgary drops Access Copyright Licence

At this point, I’ve written way more about recent Canadian copyright law than I ever wished or planned to. But as a Canadian who cares about our digital future, I see I don’t have any choice but to make my voice heard and to keep an eye on things!

With a Harper majority government, judging from what the government tried to do previously, I expect to find it will kowtow to the US government and the lobbyists represented industrial giants and again try to ignore the loud complains by Canadians in the various copyright consultations.

Here is some information on what the University of Calgary decided to do.

* IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT, JULY 6, 2011 – The University of Calgary has notified Access Copyright, the Copyright Collective, that as of September 1, 2011, the university will no longer operate under the Interim Tariff as presented by the Copyright Board in December 2010.

* This will result in new policies and procedures for using copyright work on campus. New details regarding these changes will be posted on a weekly basis in appropriate parts of this web site. Summaries of communiques will be available on the home page.

* NEW July 6, 2011 – Letter from Vice-Provost, Libraries and Cultural Resources regarding copyright changes”

Highly recommend you read the one page letter from Vice-Provost, Libraries and Cultural Resources regarding copyright changes.

I also like to remind the readers that Calgary is the home base of Prime Minister Harper‘s power. The significance of University of Calgary’s decision to drop Access Copyright Licence should not be overlooked.

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