Yoyo Sham 岑寧兒 and Charatay 格勒底

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I am slow and just discovered the cool sound of Yoyo Sham 岑寧兒 (Facebook) (her website) and her accapella group Charatay (格勒底, the six members are 岑寧兒、陳詠謙、張傑邦、梁仰詩、洪豐盈、袁慧妍) (Facebook). You can find out more about her music by joining her Facebook group and check out Charatay. [HT Eva]

At the moment, I love her best in her part of 三人行 – 重編新唱版本.

Here are some other songs to check out from a quick YouTube search of her name Yoyo Sham 岑寧兒 and also from the Charatay Bong’s YouTube channel.

Hill Cheung 10 Years (re-edit ) (May 2010)

不枉我們張山十年 (Feb 2009)

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You@河岸留言

The End of The World

As Tears Go By (Accapella) @小河岸

Have a watch of “making of 張山十年演唱會“, quite interesting and illuminating of the group.

P.S. Talent is not always passed from parents to children so I am happy to say Yoyo is the daughter of 劉天蘭 (Tina Lau) and she sounds wonderful and is an artist that I will pay more attention to.

Update: I can’t verify if it is true of not, but here is an excerpt from a blog article I found about Charatay “不是音樂組合的Charatay” (4 July, 2011). The whole Charatay article is worth reading.


這數個具音樂天份的年青人自小就很友好,一起跟香港兒童合唱團到過國外表演,但同時亦百厭非常。他們兒時會把合唱團詩歌的歌詞改掉來罵團長、會在巴士上穿著游泳裝束扮游泳、還會在碼頭旁邊大大聲唱歌(結果被警察趕走)。他們有著自己一套的瘋狂,例如自己人才能看懂的寫譜方式、例如小時候無聊地把「格勒底」說成「Charatay」、「自己攞黎賤」說成「Chikinology」、「囂張」說成「Hill Cheung/張山」等,通通都成為他們現在的專業用語和溝通語言。也許正是這份一起成長的友誼和日積月累的感情,讓他們拒絕把自己稱作「組合」這具商業意味的名詞。”

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