Harper’s first post-election Calgary address translated: Liberal is history. Love of NDP will pass.

20110709 Harper roasts opposition at Stampede BBQ

Now that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a majority government, I am very disappointed that this is what he decided to say in his first major address in Calgary since election night. Call me old school and “gentlemanly”, to me a majority government has the absolute power to pass any legislation it wishes to. Therefore a majority government should at least try to work with opposition parties. Why? Because the opposition parties’ MPs have been elected by our fellow Canadians and their voices deserved to be heard! Again, with a majority government, meaning there are enough Conservative MPs to win each and every single vote in the House of Commons, why not be gracious and try to foster a cooperative working environment in the House for a change?

Some of my friends and fellow Canadians love Harper and think he is a good leader. I beg to differ. With a majority government, we will now find out what kind of leader Harper is. For the sake of Canada, I hope he does a decent job and I am proved wrong. But I have my serious concerns based on the decisions he had made when he ran minority governments!

For the record, I am a proud Calgarian, I even live in Harper‘s riding, and I am not amused after watching Harper‘s Calgary address. So please don’t bash Calgarians or Albertans if you disagree with what Harper said.

I welcome reasoned and rational discussions and debates. Have a watch of Harper‘s Calgary address and decide for yourself.


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