Full interview with Temple Grandin on Animal Care – Plus my note to thank Professors Grandin and Ed Pajor

July 16, 2011 update: “Second chuckwagon horse death: Does Calgary Stampede get it? – Will you let Calgary Deathpede bring you yearly horse death for the next 30-40 years?


Temple Grandin at Calgary Stampede, 2011

Check out this insightful full interview with Temple Grandin on Animal Care – posted by Calgary Stampede.

I want to share my thank you email to Prof. Ed Pajor because I think it is important to me. I sent the email originally as my private “thank you” to Ed but now I want to thank Ed publicly. I truly think Calgary Stampede, and we Calgarians, lucked out to have the independent and respected Prof. Temple Grandin in Calgary at this critical moment in the history of Calgary Stampede. Yes, I believe we were very close to an unavoidable PR nightmare that could have done Stampede some serious worldwide reputational harm after the positive publicity generated from Will and Kate’s visit.

NOTE: In case someone wants to accuse me as a total Calgary Stampede fan who will defend all things Stampede, well, have a read of my “Calgary Stampede Inhospitality Survival Guide” from last Friday! Yes, an “Inhospitality Survival Guide“. You see, our special long awaited evening with Will and Kate was totally spoiled by Calgary Stampede when they towed my car after I parked it as instructed by the traffic directing person! So one thing you can’t truthfully call me is a “Calgary Stampede fan”. Right now, I am as un-fan as anyone can be. Actually, I am still waiting for Stampede to correct the wrong in spoiling our royal experience plus an apology from the people in charge! Calgary Stampede, I am waiting, you know how to reach me! [Update: Stampede has replied with an offer that is not useful to us. I’ve written back, if we cannot resolve this, I will make sure this becomes a learning experience to me and to Stampede. Because I won’t give up my expectation of excellent services easily without trying to improve things as much as I can.]


Here is my thank you email to Prof. Ed Pajor, for the record.


Dear Professor Ed Pajor,

I saw the news of the horrible death of the Stampede chuckwagon horse last night. Initially, the extensive damage to Stampede‘s reputation and PR nightmare seemed totally unavoidable until I read and watch the comments by Prof. Temple Grandin.

I can’t speak for others, but to me, the credibility that comes behind this little paragraph of news article has definitely saved Stampede from an even worst nightmare,

“Grandin is visiting Calgary at the invitation of the University of Calgary and animal welfare professor Ed Pajor — who advises the Stampede through its Animal Care Advisory Panel. The university picked up the tab for her travel costs, but she’s not being paid by the Stampede.

For that, I want to thank you for personally inviting Temple to Calgary.

As I wrote in “Calgary Stampede horse death; Selective breeding; Advices from Temple Grandin“, I hope there can be a way to independently fund Temple to help Calgary Stampede find a workable solution to force/create a new standard (at least re selective breeding) for all horses that are to be raced in Calgary Stampede.

Please kindly thank Temple for speaking out on the sad tragedy and sharing her views re the problems she sees.

Again, thank you so much for inviting Temple to Calgary. I think you deserved to be singled out for thanks.

Have a wonderful day,

Kempton Lam
blog: http://kempton.ideasRevolution.com


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