World thanks Calgary for Kate’s ‘Marilyn moment’

Will and Kate at Calgary Stampede - pix 33c - Closeup of Will and Kate thanks to my powerful zoom lens

Yes, I admit it, I think Kate is super hot & cute! Warning: If you don’t want to see too much of Kate, you should NOT read/click “Kate’s ‘Marilyn moment’ in Calgary” (fixed to use new link). Also check out this “near Marilyn Monroe” in “Photos: Kate Middleton’s Marilyn Monroe moment at Calgary Airport“. (Sorry Kate, love you, but I had to check out the photos. I confirmed you are hot hot hot! Sorry Will, honest now, if you were me, I bet you would check the photos out too!)

Here are some family-friendly photos of Will and Kate’s final day in Calgary (at press time) assuming you are much more honourable than I am! :)

To be serious for a moment, you are now **required** to check out my reports in the “Will & Kate in Canada Special” series to balance out the naughty photos you just saw! Yes, pick one or more and read! :)

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P.S. Special thanks to QMI Agency’s chief photographer, Andre Forget. Your quick fingers/camera bought us so much fun this morning! Thanks Andre!


One Response to World thanks Calgary for Kate’s ‘Marilyn moment’

  1. Eeefu says:

    Prince Will also scored big. It takes two. :)

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