Save Glenmore Park (problems with the five Calgary southwest ring road connector options) – Interview with Jesse Salus

Braeside Stampede Breakfast - pix 06 - Save Glenmore Park

Braeside Stampede Breakfast - pix 07 - Save Glenmore Park

This morning at the Braeside Stampede Breakfast, I had the pleasure to interview Jesse Salus, an organizer of the Save Glenmore Park‘s group (Facebook group & Twitter), to talk about the group’s concern that the five southwest ring road connector options proposed by the Alberta government don’t solve the problem and are too costly for the communities and the tax payers.

The following is my video interview with Jesse. After the interview, I told Jesse one of the quotes I love and wish the group the best of luck.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Here is an excerpt of how Save Glenmore Park describes the situation,

“The Province of Alberta has released the results of a Functional Planning Study (FPS) for a southwest ring road connector. The FPS unveiled five options, all of which entail eight-lane, 110 km/hr expressways that will come right through Calgary.

However, Albertans may not need to spend billions and suffer the impacts of building a highly questionable expressway link. We have asked the wrong question when we try to find a route for a new eight-lane expressway. The real question is, how can the Province and the City work together to solve transportation problems that exist and will develop over time in the SW sector of the city?

There are many, often comparitively inexpensive, transportation solutions that could be quickly brought to bear to help with the commuter issue in Calgary without causing significant social or environmental problems.”

Braeside Stampede Breakfast - pix 08 - Save Glenmore Park

Braeside Stampede Breakfast - pix 09 - Save Glenmore Park

Braeside Stampede Breakfast - pix 10 - Save Glenmore Park

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