Will you hire brand Will and brand Kate as your king and queen? – The Will and Kate in Canada Special – Part 8/8

Will and Kate at Calgary Stampede - pix 33c - Closeup of Will and Kate thanks to my powerful zoom lens

Will you hire them as your king and queen? Yes, “hire”. For a moment, change your mindset and consider Will and Kate two of the many applicants for the future jobs as our king and queen of Canada. In this article, I plan with deal with the money side of the monarchy business. I will keep this short and in points form. Feel to share your thoughts and insight in the comments.

(note: By the way, we should not forget Kate’s father-in-law and mother-in-law. Yes, I won’t wish ill on anyone, but I believe King Charles and Queen Camilla will necessary come first in line of succession. And yes, Will comes with Charles as a doubled-up-package.)


(note: feel free to correct me if you can provide verifiable gc.ca or reputable newspaper sources, etc)

I will assume/guess the 9-day trip cost $5 million, another $5 million for security, for a total of C$10 million.


*) Canadian clothing designers that Kate (and Will) wore put a nice spotlight on Canadian designers. You may not know it before this, but Canadian designers do great work too! Kate wore those Canadian designed clothing because they were well designed and look good on her (not just because they are Canadian designed). Again, this kind of worldwide attention and spotlight meant a lot for those Canadian businesses.

Check out “Kate Middleton’s stylish impact, by the numbers“. [via NP]

*) To me, “news” are the best form of advertising.

And the amount of positive news generated for tourism purposes around the world is definitely worth multi-millions easily. The businesses visited by Will and Kate should benefit for a long while for their moments with Will & Kate.

*) As our “hired” king and queen, one of their key duties would be to inspire us.

And as shown in this 9-day Canadian trip, they did a great job at that. (see some of my #happy/#cool memories.) Meeting and greeting Canadian youth who had done great charitable works. Talking to teens in Montreal. Visiting Canadians in Slave Lake. Caring about our fallen soldiers, retired soldiers, and active soldiers. All these are inspiring and very important values in my Canada.

*) As Calgary Stampede promoters

We Calgarians can’t ask for better promoters of all things Stampede. Cowboy hats and boots. Check. Western clothing. Check. We even got Will and Kate to ride horse-drawn carriage last night for a short distance which look great on TV. And then this morning as no Stampede had done for the years that I lived in Calgary, they even had a special private show for them and invited guests in the beginning of the parade just for them and for the TV audiences. Again, these are all great promotional materials for Stampede to have.

*) Finally, their deep love for each other can be very inspiring.

In our often cynical world, where many Canadians were raised from single families, the cute couple can be an inspiring example for Canadians to see how a couple loving each other deeply can be happy together.

From what we saw in Will’s mom and dad, we should realize money can’t and won’t buy happiness. May be in this laid back and down-to-earth couple, we can and will see more happy relationships in Canada? I don’t know. But we can always hope. I know I am stretching on this one, but I would rather be hopeful. :)

*) Concluding thoughts

Don’t force me, but I am pretty sure if I had to do it, Will and Kate’s visit and if “hired” as our king and queen, they will and can easily pass the “net benefit” test under the Investment Canada Act.

P.S. For all those Canadians who were determined to think about Health care and all other serious issues/challenges in Canada all the time and left no time for Will and Kate, well, good for you. But just don’t force Canadians like me to be serious 24/7. I have my serious time, but not 24/7, and it is up to me when I want to be serious and when I want to have fun.


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Update: This is how the Cambridges (thanks Stephen Fry) wow the LA crowd.

Royals meet British and U.S stars in LA


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  1. hevangel says:

    When the Queen die, Canada should simply end the monarchy system. We don’t need a king nor a queen. It’s just legacy baggage from the old colonial days.

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