Video reports from Royal Tour Calgary Wristbands Lineup – The Will and Kate in Canada Special – Part 4/8

Will & Kate Wristband Lineup - pix 29 - A Lovely signed card from all the people who camped to see Will & Kate. What a great memory to have.

Will & Kate Wristband Lineup - pix 33

Here are two video reports based on footage filmed on Wed July 6th morning. Enjoy.

Ultimately, it is not about Will and Kate, it is about us. Like Ricky Gervais‘ brilliant Extras, “it wasn’t really about all the famous people in it“, it is about us, ordinary Calgarians, and Canadians in other cities creating our own special memories.

Will & Kate Calgary Wristbands Lineup and 5 secs greetings

Chat with a Chinese Canadian in Mandarin @ Calgary wristband Lineup


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Will & Kate Wristband Lineup - pix 51 - Tickets in Hand. Yeah !!!

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