Jian Ghomeshi opening Q essay against Royals coverage overload – The Will & Kate in Canada Special – Part 2/8

Well, I just recorded Jian Ghomeshi‘s opening Q essay against the “coverage overload” of Will & Kate’s visit to Canada. I think it is thoughtful of Jian to ask questions. At the same time, I disagree with him on a few of his views/opinions. In response, I tweeted briefly,

@jianghomeshi Heard your #Q essay re Will&Kate. Good 2 be thoughtful. At the end, it is not about THEM, it is about US. Will write more #yyc

here is Jian’s tweet

Oh you testy tweeters – you might wanna listen to my essay. I’m very nice re Will & Kate. I’m addressing coverage overload. Settle down. ;)

Have a listen to Jian’s opening Q essay before commenting.

For some of us who pay attention to Will & Kate, it is because they inspire us a little. Through them, we see a little bit of us, ourselves. Their love is not something unique to them, we can imagine the love they have for each other, exist before we and our loved ones.


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