Defending and Welcoming Will & Kate – The Will & Kate in Canada Special – Part 1/8

2011 Canada Day - pix 05 - Will & Kate

I’ve no official “qualification” but I am happy to be interviewed and be called a “new-style royal watcher” in today’s Globe and Mail article. As I have some of Canada Day celebrations to do and fun to have, I will keep this article short.

note: I hope to write a few article about Will & Kate’s visit to Canada (which explains the “Part 1” bit).

Defending Will & Kate

Will & Kate don’t need me defending but I feel a bit sad to see my fellow Canadians, just because they have open forums and online platforms, to be rude and uncourteous to Will & Kate. (e.g. see here on FBRemember, invited Will & Kate to come to Canada and as our guests, and we should treat them with respect. And Canadians who don’t care as much for Will & Kate should at least treat other Canadians, who care and love Will & Kate (the 300,000+ Canadians, many spending hours getting a good spot and waiting for them), with respect. Make sense?

Sure, my fellow Canadians may have valid concerns re serious issues like healthcare, welfare of the disadvantaged, but why can’t we all have fun first? Why do we have to be serious all the time? When all is said and done, allow me to be boring and technical for a moment, I am pretty sure Will & Kate’s visit to Canada will even pass the funny Net Benefit Test. We may even be able to put a value on Kate wearing lovely clothing by Canadian designers (starting with designer Smythe). You see, the 120 special young guests Will & Kate met last night were invited because of their charitable works. How cool was that? The Royals inspire, if they can inspire more Canadians to volunteer for Canada, that will be a good thing.

Welcoming Will & Kate

Dear Will & Kate,

Welcome to Canada. Great to have you guys in Canada for Canada Day. You guys have a lovely time in Canada. My better half and me are looking forward to seeing you both in Calgary on July 8th.

Happy Canada Day!


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P.S. Will, love the part in your speech re Kate’s grandfather training as a pilot in Second World War in Alberta. We love you guys. Will & Kate, Best wishes to you both, a long and happy marriage.

2011 Canada Day - pix 10 - Kate

2011 Canada Day - pix 11 - Will

P.P.S. Here is an excerpt from the Globe and Mail article highlighting my comments,

Kempton Lam is another new-style royal watcher. Also from Calgary, he plans to be in the crowd with his wife to cheer the newlyweds as they open the Stampede. He says he wouldn’t do the same for the Queen or Princes Charles, but he’s been impressed by William’s character: his ethics, his work as a coast guard rescuer and the couple’s request for charitable donations instead of wedding gifts.

“To me that’s a new kind of royal. That intrigues me,” says the fortysomething Mr. Lam, a writer who has blogged about his plans to attend. “I think they are different – I’m more interested in that aspect rather than just the celebrity.”

And while he has softened a previous anti-monarchist stance – he says he saw the value of having a Queen’s representative during the prorogation of Parliament – he would not describe himself as a monarchist.

“No way,” he says. But Mr. Lam says he’s disappointed in anti-royal commentary he’s seen leading up to the couple’s visit. He posted a comment on a newspaper Facebook page lamenting what he sees as “rude and uncourteous” attitudes toward the pair.

2011 Canada Day - pix 03 - Welcome Will & Kate

2011 Canada Day - pix 04 - P-Hill

P.P.P.S. International reports,

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