Izzy’s Final Cut Pro X Tutorial – Helpful & Insightful!

While I am very disappointed of Apple’s handling of Final Cut Pro X (the way it was launched, the implicit FU signal its sending to the pro editors (note to Apple: Some editors do make a living editing using FCP, you know?)), Izzy’s helpful & insightful Final Cut Pro X free tutorial (“2 hours and 39 minutes”) is highly recommended!

I watched part of the tutorial last night and today and I think I’ve got a better idea of the software already. Thanks Izzy.


One Response to Izzy’s Final Cut Pro X Tutorial – Helpful & Insightful!

  1. Henri Paré says:

    I really enjoyed watching Izzy’s tutorial of FCP X. This guy not only explains how to enjoy FCP X but his very smart technic as a teacher is also a teaching tutorial in itself. Cheers!

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