UM Quantum becoming a Solar Car

Photo Credit: UM Solar Car Team - Joe Menzia carefully sorts modules and attaches them to stiff cardboard using 3M Polyimide tape for testing.

It is a lot of fun for me to track and follow the progress of the University of Michigan Solar Car Team. Here is an excerpt from the team’s latest update “Preparing for Solar Cells“, (emphasis added)

For the past several months, Quantum has not truly been a “solar car” – without photovoltaic cells on top, it’s just an electric vehicle. Picking out the right cells and getting them manufactured has been a delicate process that’s been going on within the Electrical Division and team leadership for the past several months – because the solar array is arguably the most important part of the car, we want to make sure that we get it right. The cells arrived a few weeks ago, and were immediately whisked away to a very clean room with a very short guest list for some final trimming and sorting. That process is now complete, and the team turned out en masse this past Saturday to help with testing, and to prepare the race upper surface for final cell application.


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