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Very interesting and insightful group of articles in Calgary Herald “Calgary Law Review“,

Premier Legal Eagle – “Former Premier Peter Lougheed talks about a prestigious law career and changes he’s seen along the way.”

– Torts, twitter and tweets

“To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question law firms across the country are asking themselves as they grapple with how to incorporate the social media craze, which has already been generally accepted within the larger business community, into their own daily operations.

Add to that the question of whether or not to launch a Facebook page and lawyer blogs and suddenly firm executives have cause to add social media staff to their often already voluminous staff rosters.

“Social media is really an emerging area for law firms – some have already embraced it, through blogs and Twitter, and others are trying to determine how much they want to embrace it,” says Bill Hopkins, chief administrative officer for Calgary’s Macleod Dixon, one of the oldest and largest law firms in the city.

“What is clear is that law firms need to be progressive, they need to keep up with what’s happening and they need to stay current.””

[…] Many firms are now hiring knowledge management directors to essentially create a comprehensive in-house database of files produced by a firm’s legal team over the years.

Knowledge managers gather and consolidate a firm’s leading work, such as precedent-setting documents or model agreements, and then create a system that can be searched internally.

“Lawyers generate a lot of documentation for a variety of matters and capturing it in one comprehensive database creates a wealth of resources that others in the office can tap into for a solution,” said Hopkins.

“Not only does it save lawyers time, but it is also beneficial to a client because we can offer a solution faster and we already know that it has been proven to work.”

– Supreme Court cleared way for national law firms


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