IIFA Celebration at Toronto, Ontario, Canada !!!

Jun 26 Update: Via CBC News report, Dabangg won best picture and Shah Rukh Khan won best male lead (My Name is Khan).

My tweet, “‎#fail #IIFA reporter’s comment on a beautiful actress’ green dress “It fits perfectly with the green carpet” #illadvisedpraise #yyz #canada

Shah Rukh Khan closing dance, “Om Shanti Om” (Deewangi) @ IIFA Toronto, 25 June 2011


2011 IIFA - pix 01

2011 IIFA - pix 02

2011 IIFA - pix 14

I am so excited for my fellow Canadian fans of the IIFA (International Indian Film Academy Awards), waiting for the stars to come on the green carpet and getting ready to watch IIFA live in Toronto! So cool. Check out CBC News report, “Canada showcases Indian film awards“.

My better half is tipping My name is Khan to win best pictures and Shahrukh Khan to win best actor at IIFA. Will see if she is right. Here is an English trailer of My name is Khan. I’ve already reserved a copy of the DVD from Calgary Public Library!

P.S. Here is a telling tweet by some people. :) “#iifa ticket said 7:00pm start, thought I was smart coming at 8pm show is finally starting at 9pm #ridiculous” & “Interview #fail #IIFA

2011 IIFA - pix 03

2011 IIFA - pix 04

2011 IIFA - pix 05

2011 IIFA - pix 06

2011 IIFA - pix 07 (Premier Dalton McGuinty)

2011 IIFA - pix 08

2011 IIFA - pix 09

2011 IIFA - pix 10

2011 IIFA - pix 11

2011 IIFA - pix 12

2011 IIFA - pix 13

P.S. Anil Kapoor was in Toronto. Here is a clip of him talking about ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ on The Hour.


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