Corla Rokochy, Snappy Socks, interview at Brett Wilson’s Garden Party 2011

Corla Rokochy, Snappy Socks

It was my pleasure to finally meet Corla Rokochy (Snappy Socks) in person after watching her pitched on Dragons’ Den and talked about her business in Feb 2011. The following is my video interview with Corla at Brett Wilson’s Garden Party 2011.

The following are a few highlights of my video interview with Corla,

0:00 Corla talks about Snappy Socks and shows us some of her cool socks.

0:35 How much money did Brett invest in the business and what was the story?

0:52 How did the Brett’s money impact the business?

1:14 With that money, how many pairs of socks were bought and sold?

1:40 What are some of the stores people can buy the socks from?

2:10 Snappy Socks are in Japan now. What was the order size, etc?

2:30 Next step for Snappy Socks?

2:50 Originally, I felt that the socks being easily copied. What is Corla’s view on it?

4:24 When is Brett going to get his money back? The return on investment?


P.S. I want to spotlight Corla Rokochy‘s cute business card (see below). The card is very creative in showcasing and reminding people of Snappy Socks. To me, it shows again great creative idea doesn’t need to cost a lot of money!

Snappy Socks - business card pix 01

Snappy Socks - business card pix 02

Snappy Socks - business card pix 03

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