Tom Perlmutter – NFB Chairperson interview @ Banff World Media Festival 2011

Tom Perlmutter - NFB Chairperson & Government Film Commissioner

I’ve long been a fan of NFB since the late 80s. (note 1) Earlier this week, I had the pleasure to conduct a video interview with Tom Perlmutter – NFB Chairperson & Government Film Commissioner @ Banff World Media Festival 2011.

Here is my video chat with Tom covering a wide range of topics.

In the interview Tom talked about whats new at NFB, for example the cutting-edge new interactive programming coming out from NFB.

* I was amazed by the beautiful and creative “Bla Bla” [Kempton’s note: Just give it a try as it is quite fun.]

* And the first ever interactive documentary “Welcome to Pine Point” winning 2 Webby Awards [Kempton: I must come back to check this out!].

* 1:05 The world’s first high-definition 3D shot using infrared cameras. [Kempton: I look forward to be transported and to be engaged in new ways.]

* 2:14 Funding situation improved with the current government?

* 3:13 The massive collection of films online and on iPad, etc available for all to watch. Does NFB have enough funds to make new films available? How is NFB trying to make money? NFB has launched apps on iPhone, iPad, and Android. And is partnering with RIM and will be packaged with Playbook. NFB is also looking at connected TV and making sure they can be migrated to that platform.

* 5:29 All that stuff NFB is doing is free by streaming. Tom talks about have a system for people to buy the content they want to own and keep.

* 7:40 No geographic restrictions of content. As per legislated mandate of NFB, “To reflect Canada to Canadians and the world.

* 8:18 Over 22 millions viewing of NFB films in the last two years! And the viewership is still growing.

* 9:10 Original interactive contents like “Bla Bla“, “Pine Point“, etc. The unique way of telling stories, make possible by digital means.

* 9:35 Talk about how does Tom’s MBA education/background influences his work at NFB.

* 10:40 How big is NFB’s app development team?

* 11:04 Any big documentaries or feature films?

Pink Inc. (From NFB site: “Pink Inc: Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy, directed by Léa Pool, traces the evolution of the breast cancer movement from meaningful civic participation to purchasing products”)

From NFB site: “Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth, based on the book by Margaret Atwood and directed byJennifer Baichwal

Sarah Polley NFB documentary. (Check out some photos here.)

* 12:20 More discussion about 3D films.

* 14:00 The game changing day will be when the technology is advanced to the stage of “glasses-free 3D”. (For reference, here is an article in PC World “Glasses-Free 3D: Sooner Than You Think?” that gives some background info.)

note 1: I have fond memories when I discovered a treasure trove of NFB films (yes, actual films on B&W negatives) at an University of Toronto audio visual library

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