Post 2011 Stanley Cup Game 7 Vancouver Riot

It pains my soul to see my fellow Canadians rioting in Vancouver after the Canucks losing Stanley Cup Game 7. To my friends, it may be easy to condemn all Canucks fans or Vancouver as a city for the riot. To me, I believe there will always bad citizens amongst us and there are nothing stopping drunken and angry citizens in our own cities in rioting.

I feel sad and ashamed of what my fellow Canadians have done and are doing in Vancouver. I am shocked and disappointed, Canadians are much better than this. I feel ill in encouraging a visiting friend to take in the game and join in the party in Vancouver. I hope she gets home safely.

A very sad day.


Update: What we say or do in a crisis reflect a lot of our characters. My friends living outside of Vancouver, try not to feel too superior or smug to our fellow Canadians. A day of potential national pride turned into a night of destructions. This is a sad day for Vancouver, a sad day for Canadians across the country. A sad day.


Looting update: The Bay and some brandname stores are being looted. Even London Drugs are being looted! What a sad day in seeing Canadians in Vancouver engaging in all these illegal acts. Vancouver St. Paul’s hospital is currently in “code orange”, so no medical staff are leaving, in case of “mass casualty incident”.


6:39am, June 16 update: Facebook page Post Riot Clean-up – Let’s help Vancouver

If you live in Vancouver and are disgusted with the riots last night, please spare a few minutes in helping. It only takes a few to break windows, destroy properties and steal, but it takes a city to rebuild and cleanup. Go @VancouverClean Go !!!


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