Plans for my day 3 @ Banff World Media Festival

* In Conversation with: Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, EDWARD ASNER 09:00-09:45 Van Horne C  [Kempton’s Note: Last night, I got the great pleasure to meet Ed and listened to Ed‘s achievements over the years. Wow, what a great and accomplished man. I told Ed after the award ceremony that I would be a happy man even if I could achieve only 1/100th of what Ed has achieved in his long and ongoing career even he is almost 82 years young already.]

* nextMEDIA Keynote: In Conversation with Ted Sarandos – The Netflix Effect In Canada 09:45-10:30 Van Horne C [Kempton: This can be a really interesting session. Will see.]

* Master-Class: Arnold Shapiro, Beyond Scared Straight AOL Canada Theatre 10:00-11:00

* Networking Break 11:00-11:30

* Tech Hub: Nokia Case Study Crump Room 11:30-12:00

* Online Video Lunch Conservatory 12:30-13:30

* Access to Hollywood Digital Buyers Baron Shaughnessy 13:45-14:45

* In Conversation With: Award of Excellence in Digital Media Award Winner, LISA KUDROW AOL Canada Theatre 14:45-15:30 [Kempton: I am very much looking forward to this session as I found ‘s Web Therapy very funny (see this earlier posting).]


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