Plans for my day 2 @ Banff World Media Festival & The Festival Free Wi-Fi Network

I am very much looking forward to my day 2 (Tuesday) of Banff and getting ready for some more interviews. There are so many sessions to attend and people to meet. Some of these sessions are already clashing badly for me. Yikes!

* Continental Breakfast Alhambra Room 07:45-08:45

* Keynote: Jana Bennett, President, Worldwide Van Horne A/B 09:00-09:45 Networks and Global iPlayer, BBC Worldwide [Kempton’s note: There are so much I can learn from BBC, so I always try to attend their sessions.]

* nextMEDIA Keynote: Grant McCracken, Van Horne C 09:45-10:30 Research Affiliate, C3, MIT [Kempton: I am so much looking forward to Grant‘s keynote. I even signed out his “Chief Cultural Officer” from the library but unfortunately I couldn’t find time to read more before Banff.]

* Foreign Ownership: The Impact on the Theatre10:00-11:00 Communications Business [Kempton: As I tweeted, “Exciting @banffmedia session to see @WINDMobile @Globalive @Telus @hennessy4408 @pkedrosky #CRTC in one room #banff2011” P.S. I wonder if the CRTC Chairman will attend this session? :) ]

* Networking Break President’s Hall 11:00-11:30 and Van Horne

* View from the Top: Digital Van Horne C 11:30-12:30

* An NFB Special Luncheon – Connecting with Van Horne A/B 12:30-14:00 Canadians [Kempton: I love NFB. Look forward to new and wonderful things from Tom and his team at NFB.]

* The nextMEDIA Digital Launch Pad: Pitching Van Horne C 13:45-14:45 Agencies and Brands

* Funny or Die: Creating Hit Online Comedy Van Horne C 14:45-15:45 [Kempton: Very much looking to learn more about online comedy from the experts. Hope I can land an interview with some of them, that will be really cool. Will see.]

* Wine Break President’s Hall 15:45-16:15 and Van Horne

* In Conversation with: Award of Distinction Van Horne C 16:15-17:00 Winner, HOWIE MANDEL



re: Banff World Media Festival’s free wi-fi network coverage

This is my 6th year attending Banff. When I first attended banff, it was Banff World TV Festival and Next Media as separate events, and now the two events have merged in an equal-ish manner as Banff World Media Festival. I came as a CTV Fellow on the first year and have been coming to Banff as a blogger for the other five years.

So I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I am very grateful for the opportunities. But in this day and age where wireless network coverages are so easy to setup correctly to prove continuous, full and reliable coverage, Banff World Media Festival’s free public wi-fi are left much much to be desired. I don’t want to say the wi-fi coverage at banff sucks, but a diplomatic version of the same sentiment may convey my slight disappointment. I write this in hope that Banff’s wi-fi coverage will be much much better next year.


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