Worth Reading: WIND Mobile/Globalive is Canadian, Facebook facial recognition, Canucks fans, Calgary postal strike, FT app

* Financial Post, “Globalive declared a ‘Canadian owned and controlled company’

* CTV News, “Court victory clears way for Globalive

* CNN, “Facebook lets users opt out of facial recognition” (Note: This is ass-backward, kinda like the “negative option billing” thing cable companies tried on us until we complained loud enough and they stopped.)

* Bloomberg, “Facebook Under EU Privacy Probe Over Facial-Recognition Prompt for Photos

* TorStar, “Drubbing brought Canucks fans closer, but the real healing begins tonight

* Calgary Herald, “Calgary postal service disrupted as workers walk off job for 24 hours – Job action expected to last 24 hours

* Macrumors, “Financial Times Won’t Give Apple A Cut, Drops iOS for Web App


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