Brett Wilson interview – 05/05 – Maya Wilson

Brett Wilson interview 2011

Few days ago I had the great pleasure of chatting with Brett Wilson, Calgary entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Here is the video Brett Wilson interview – 05/05 – Maya Wilson (see below for interview transcript). [Click her for links to watch all five parts of the interview series.]

Brett Wilson with his beloved Maya

Kempton: Now I would like to end the interview on a personal question. Recently [on April 26th], your beloved Maya, a chocolate brown flat-coated retriever, passed away. Can you talk a little bit about Maya? And how has it affected your life?

Brett: Thank you for even noticing and being aware of it. It is a tough question.

Maya was given two months to live last August [2010]. And thanks to all sorts of interventions, from non-conventional medicines to chemotherapy, we kept her alive for another eight months.

We had decided two weeks ago on a Friday that Monday would be Maya’s last day with us. And we went to the vet on Monday morning. My daughter and I took Maya with Hilary to just say goodbye to the people at the vet clinic. But Maya was walking, she was spirit, she was positive. The vet looked at us and said, “What do you thinking?” I said, “I think today is not the day.” No, for sure it is not today. In fact, Maya had recovered over the weekend so well from Friday that we decided to start chemotherapy.

And unfortunately, we started the protocol but separately, another problem on her spine came along, eliminating her back legs that didn’t function. By Monday then … So I was already traveling. I was down in the Caribbean with all three of my kids. I got the call saying, “Looked like Maya had several more months, it looks like its several more hours.” So the decision was clear. It was simple to make but it was heartbreaking to do.

So I’ve lost a best friend. She was unusual in the animal world in that she herself is a bit of a healer. She was working with kids three days a week. She worked with an autistic child for two years. She went to old folks home. She worked with the developmentally handicapped. She was approved to go into the hospital, so she was up to visit people in all sorts of capacity. There were an awful lot of people that were touched by Maya.

Kempton: I saw her a few times. She was a really lovely dog. I think the last time I saw her publicly was her appearing on CityTV’s Breakfast TV show. That was touching.

Brett: She came down with me every morning to set. She would just laying on the chair and wait for me to come off. Then one day, she came onto the set started walking around. Then I looked at her and said, “Do you need to go out?” She kind of look at me. So we went out cross the street over to the courtyard and had a little pee, came back and they said, “Would you mind putting Maya up on the chair and we will interview you about her?” Well I said, “Sure, love to.”

Kempton: Well Brett, thanks a lot for doing an interview with me.

Brett: Its always a pleasure catching up with you Kempton.

Note: This interview has been condensed and edited.


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