Brett Wilson interview – 04/05 – Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)

Brett Wilson interview 2011

Few days ago I had the great pleasure of chatting with Brett Wilson, Calgary entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Here is the video Brett Wilson interview – 04/05 – Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) (see below for interview transcript). [Click her for links to watch all five parts of the interview series.]

Kempton: You are involved in social media a lot: e.g. Twitter and Facebook. With Twitter, do you actually write your own tweets?

Brett: I do probably 90% of my tweets but I have staff who feed me. Cause other outside organizations are now saying, “Look, you’ve got a large following in Twitter, would you make mention of our charity?” As long as it is causes that I am already active with, or events that are of use to my following and people I am working with, I will look into doing that. Some of the tweets are pre-formatted and provided to me. But I rarely just cut and paste. There is usually a little bit of Brett that has to go into them.

So typically Twitter is 90% Brett. Facebook is maybe 10% Brett because what will happen is my team will take the best of the Twitter announcements, whether it is an article that I have done or a story that I would like to recommend, they will pop it into Facebook. Cause if I can write it in 140 characters, they can then expand it into Facebook. It is harder to take the large story in Facebook and compress it to Twitter.

Now I know that you can feed stuff right through from one media to another. [Kempton: automatically] I don’t like doing that. I think that it is disrespectful of the [readers]. As much as I don’t write all the stuff that goes into Facebook, its based on my materials. It is not ghostwritten for me by others without knowledge of what interests me. I am very much on top of all of those things.


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