May 2nd Election – How can I forget? #elxn41

May 2nd Election – How can I forget? #elxn41

* In light of the nuclear disaster in Japan, how can I forget the internationally respected former nuclear watchdog, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission president, Ms. Linda Keen was fired in the dark of the night, only hours before she was to testify in front of a parliamentary committee about Canadian nuclear safety?

* How can I forget Mr. Munir Sheikh, Canada’s former chief statistician, had to resign so he can be free to defend the integrity of himself, StatsCan, and the census? Have a read of Mr. Sheikh’s public article after his resignation.

* How can I forget former Vets Ombudsman Pat Stogran contradicting Harper’s claim of supporting the troops? Have a read of an excerpt of Pat’s Aug 2010 Op-ed in “It’s time to stand up for our troops against the gov of Canada“. Pat is still fighting for the troops and has recently pointed out “Democracy in Canada must change. […] Whatever the solution, join the Revolution! Govt must serve Cdns!

* How can I forget about the many vote mob videos showing Canadian youth care? Check out many videos I tried to repost by searching for “vote mob”.

* And how can I forget Peter Russell, constitutional expert, talks about the Harper Government’s contempt for parliamentary democracy and what is at stake in the Canadian Election 2011?

* I will vote tonight after work. How can I forget to vote after reading all these tweets?!


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