Canadian Democracy? – Tory supporters boo CBC reporter

What has happened to Canadian democracy? This is not the first time Tory supporters heckle reporters when they ask Stephen Harper questions. Are reporters NOT allowed to ask questions now? What the beep has happened to the Canada I love and Canadian democracy?

This kind of undemocratic behaviour of shouting down reporters has to stop. The sad thing is Stephen Harper plus his campaign team did nothing to tell the unruly “supporters” to stop the heckle! I hate to compare Canadian democracy to the extreme “democracy” in United States. Have Canadians become this extreme?

Have a watch of this Globe and Mail video where “Conservative supporters booed CBC journalist Terry Milewski at a GTA campaign stop Saturday after he challenged Stephen Harper on whether he would accept a decision by the Governor General to hand power to the opposition parties in the wake of the May 2 election.” Video shot by reporter Stephen Chase in Richmond Hill, Ont.

One Response to Canadian Democracy? – Tory supporters boo CBC reporter

  1. Claire Douglas says:

    What has happened to the Canada you love and Canadian democracy? The Harper Dictatorship happened. That’s what. Tomorrow marks the first day of 4 more years of suffering through Harper. Will people ever learn?

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