Wearing “Mad Men” postwar fashions to school for 30 days

Interesting article. Check out “Outfitted as Mad Men” by Alison Heal. Here is an excerpt (emphasis adeed),

For 30 days, Kimberly Richards donned postwar fashions and came to school. […]

Her research project arose because she noticed a market interest in the post-war period, and was concerned about the gender ramifications of the retro revival. “If we are consciously donning these clothes as costumes, are we also taking on a role, and is that a role we want to perform? If women are re-fashioning themselves in these costumes, what reaction will they receive?” she asked. With the help of the university’s Drama Costume Shop, Richards decided she would test her hypothesis.

“I tried not to tell my friends about my project, as I needed to scrutinize their reactions,” said Richards. Preparation was time-consuming. Every day she put up her hair, and ensured that every detail of her outfit mirrored the time period. And people noticed her outfits. On one memorable trip on the C-Train, a man serenaded her with Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable”. At the end of her project, she concluded that she elicited more of a class response than a gender-based reaction. She is now revisiting cultural theory about the performance of gender.

I would love to find Kimberly’s research report to have a quick read but I was unable to find it online.


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