May 2nd Election: All-candidate no-shows

May 2nd, 2011 update: May 2nd Election – How can I forget? #elxn41


It is sad to see so many candidates decide to disrespect voters and not show up to give people a chance to listen to their views.

Apr 28, 2011 CBC News, “All-candidate no-shows: More examples for our list

Once again in this election, candidates across Canada stand accused of dodging invitations to participate in all-candidates debates, forums and/or media panels.

To try to make sense of it all collectively, I’ve started a list.

So far, the examples available show mostly Conservatives. […]

[note: Following are some info related to Calgary.]

The Globe and Mail names the following Conservatives who had skipped all-candidates events:

  • Deepak Obhrai (Calgary East)
  • Diane Ablonczy (Calgary-Nose Hill)

[…] Michelle Rempel (Conservative, Calgary Centre-North) didn’t attend an all-candidates’ meeting at the University of Calgary but previously had attended other events. When she missed a second event, organizers replaced her with a potted plant.

Conservative candidates in Calgary aren’t attending forums organized by the Just Vote campaign for citizen engagement, including Rob Anders (Calgary West), Devinder Shory (Calgary Northeast), and Diane Albonczy (Calgary-Nose Hill).

Deepak Obhrai (Conservative, Calgary East) also is refusing opportunities to debate his opponents, including missing the first debate of the campaign.

Rob Anders (Conservative, Calgary West) and Shawna Knowles (NDP, Calgary West) missed one event and their refusal to attend another led to its cancellation.


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