Democratic right Twitter-blocked by @MPJamesMoore

You would think no Canadians should be blocked from following minister’s *public* policy announcements and *public* discussions/debates with Canadian journalists/citizens, right? Well, you would be wrong. I had to jump through hoops (very time consuming, if possible at all) in order to follow what is going on.

When the current Canadian government is charged of contempt of Parliament and will likely fail a confidence motion because of said contempt, I thought it is time for me to take my own democratic right more seriously. Democracy is not free, so I took some time to write and send in the following complain. I know my chance of seeing any positive changes is really small but sometimes one has to do what is right.

Here is an excerpt for the record.

Democratic right twitter-blocked by @MPJamesMoore

To: Prime Minister Mr. Stephen Harper (Member of Parliament for Calgary SW)
cc: Heritage Minister Mr. James Moore
Opposition Party Leaders
Mr. Pablo Rodriguez, Liberal Heritage critic
Mr. Charlie Angus, NDP Heritage critic

March 24, 2011

Dear Mr. Harper,

I am writing you as a Canadian living in your Calgary SW riding. I hope you can promptly help me to restore my democratic right to be an informed citizen so that I can vote in an knowledgable manner.

Recently, ministers have been announcing important policy decisions on the social media platform Twitter and using Twitter for active debates and discussions with Canadian citizens and journalists. With a possible election coming soon, Minister James Moore‘s (note: new Twitter account, the letters “MP” have been expunged and _org added) discriminatory act of blocking me from following his Tweets (see background info below and attached files) has become impossible to ignore. Let me emphasize, Moore’s discriminatory act of blocking me on Twitter has become increasingly detrimental to my ability to exercise my democratic right and duty to be informed & engaged in public discussions/debates, and to stay informed on Canadian government policies when I vote in an election.

Since you are my MP and the Prime Minister of Canada, I thought you will understand might be able to help. I have copied Minister Moore and the opposition leaders and critics in hope that someone can help.

In case you are unable to help in a timely manner, I have also taken the initiative to file a formal complain with the Canadian Human Rights Commission this morning (March 24, 2011, case reference number xxxxxx).

Mr. Harper, with an election possibly coming soon, I urgently need your help in this matter and I look forward to your prompt reply.

Best Regards,
Kempton Lam
Calgary SW
Twitter id: @Kempton

P.S. For your information, unfortunately I am not alone and there are over 50 Canadians (self-reported) like myself being blocked by Moore (see ).

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