Google Translate (English-Chinese)

I have been using the machine translator Google Translate for English <==> Chinese translation for the last few years. While many of the translated text are still laughably bad and cannot/should not be trusted blindly, some of the results have improved significantly. Some of the results are “useable” now if you just need a “quick and rough” translation and don’t have time nor money for more professional help.

One thing I am impressed with is Google Translate‘s ability to pronounce almost fluent Chinese (Mandarin dialect) (the “Listen” tool). Trust me, I don’t get impressed easily but I think the Google Translate development team has done a professional job with the pronunciation. How good is it? I think its pronunciation is good enough to help some beginners to improve their Mandarin speaking skills. It is free and worth giving it a try.

Here is a YouTube video explaining an olded version of Google Translate in case you find it helpful.


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