FedEx Electrified

Interesting article “FedEx CEO: Let’s end our need for oil” [via Fortune]. Here is an excerpt (emphasis added),

FedEx has deployed its first all-electric delivery vehicles and will have 31 in service by the middle of this year. Early results confirm that the costs of operating and maintaining electric vehicles are significantly less than those for traditional internal-combustion-engine vehicles. In some cases we’ve achieved savings of 70% to 80%. As the price of batteries continues to fall, mostly due to scale production, the economics will start to make real sense from a total-cost-of-ownership perspective.

So we are making a start at FedEx, but it is not enough when it comes to the question of combating our nation’s dependence on oil. What we need to protect our nation is the environment to create in a few short years an entirely new transportation system with millions, and then tens of millions, of electric cars and trucks.”


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