Failed Park Assist technology at Calgary Chinook centre

Parkassist at Calgary Chinook centre - Pix 1Parkassist at Calgary Chinook centre - Pix 3

Park Assist failed and shut down at Calgary Chinook centre, Boxing Day 2010 (Photo Credit: Brian Wong)

I was fascinated by the Park Assist technology when I first saw the system at Calgary Chinook centre‘s new wing and wrote about it in detail in an earlier post (with video). Unfortunately, the Park Assist system has disappointed me over the Christmas holidays and especially on Boxing Day, one of the busiest shopping day in Canada!!!

One early morning when the parkade was empty in the back area, there were over 20 parking lights showing red, a “false negative” indicating those parking spots weren’t available when they were empty. And on Boxing Day, when the parkade was super busy, countless indicator lights were showing green, a “fales positive” indicating parking spots were available when they were occupied making shoppers extremely frustrated and disappointed (I gave up after a few minutes of looking for a parking spot)!

(Update: As you can see from the above picture, Chinook centre actually shut down the system later on Boxing Day.)

I am disappointed with the Park Assist technology. And I wonder why it failed so badly yesterday?! May be someone with special insights at Park Assist or Chinook centre can explain?

P.S. I’ve sent Park Assist an email and hopefully someone there can provide some additional information to add to this article.


2 Responses to Failed Park Assist technology at Calgary Chinook centre

  1. Haricot says:

    One solution: Tell the police to stop parking their ghost cars there :O

    Good luck hunting for space :)

  2. Vincent says:

    Pity to hear that. We are also doing same parking guidance system. we do not come across such complain from our client for more than 6 years of system running.

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