Bell Canada paid $1.3m penalty for violating do-not-call rules

CRTC Chair Konrad von Finckenstein

CRTC Chair Konrad von Finckenstein

Wonderful to see CRTC’s National do-not-call list is sending a message with its $1.3-million fine! (more CRTC info about telemarking.) The following is an excerpt from Calgary Herald “Bell Canada hit with $1.3 M penalty for violating do-not-call rules“. Also see my previous entries about the do-not-call list in 2008 here, here, here and here.

“Bell Canada paid a record-high $1.3-million penalty for “unauthorized telemarking practices,” including the peddling of its own services to people on the national do-not-call list, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced Monday.

“All telemarketers must respect the wishes of Canadians who have registered their telephone number on the National DNCL (do-not-call list) . . . ” Andrea Rosen, the CRTC’s chief telecommunications enforcement officer, said in a statement. “Even though the calls in this instance were made by third parties, Bell Canada must ultimately ensure that the rules are followed. We appreciate Bell Canada’s willingness to work with us to address our concerns.””

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  1. Big Mother Bell has promised to no longer price gouge all of it’s customers, but it will continue to make significant price increases without notice.

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