Dashan – Canadian Ambassador to China’s Funny Bone

Dashan (大山) is the Chinese stage name adopted by Canadian Mark Henry Rowswell. In the wonderfully made 1996 NFB documentary Dashan – Ambassador to China’s Funny Bone (free full video online), you will get to know a bit more about Dashan and what makes him a great success in China. I think Mark is not just a funny comedian, he is also a very insightful man. Mark was Canada’s Commissioner General at the Shanghai 2010 World Expo.

I highly recommend you check out Dashan – Ambassador to China’s Funny Bone (free full video online).

P.S. Years ago, I relearned the way I hold my chopsticks after watching a non-Chinese Canadian held chopsticks correctly. Yes, for years, I held my chopsticks incorrectly! Today, as I watch Dashan – Ambassador to China’s Funny Bone, I am inspired to try much harder to improve my Mandarin. I know I probably won’t be as fluent in Mandarin as Dashan but I want to improve my Mandarin from “laughingly bad” to “semi-understandable”.


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