Barb Higgins vs. Mike McCourt on BT (2010 Calgary mayoral election)

My major problem with the interview of Barb Higgins by Mike McCourt on BT (CityTV Breakfast TV) this morning only starts at the 3:34 mark in the following YouTube clip.

[Oct 15 update: I was on BT this morning, check out “Breakfast TV at 6:45am (View from the front row with Ric McIver)“]

Asking tough questions are ok. But attacking someone NOT in the room, and insulting someone as a “screwup” is inappropriate and unbecoming of a person who calls himself/herself a “journalist” and supposed to be conducting an unbiased “interview”.

It is honourable for Barb to defend her former campaign manager. Have a listen to Barb‘s graceful “push back” (from 3:43 to 4:33) to Mike‘s attacks. To me, the clip also shows how tough Barb can be. This is not “thin skin” but standing up against a bully.

Mike unfortunately failed his job as an interviewer this morning, not just because he asked biased questions. More importantly, Mike, as a journalist, detracted voters from important issues at hand and got us to think and talk about whether he was out of line and BT’s clarification that the questions were not from @artsvoteyyc.

Make sure you vote in the Calgary 2010 election in the advance polls or on election day Monday Oct 18th, 2010. By the way, also check out ads of leading Calgary mayoral candidates.

Here is Barb Higgins vs. Mike McCourt on BT this morning.

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