The plight of our vets neglected – re Veterans Ombudsman Col. Pat Stogran’s press conference

Prime Minister Stephen Harper @ 2010 Calgary Stampede Breakfast

I was deeply touched by what I saw and heard at the outgoing Veterans Ombudsman Col. Pat Stogran’s press conference. I feel strong enough to write and send an email to Prime Minister Stephen Harper ( ) and copy to the opposition leaders. I urge to call or write Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Here is an expanded version of my email as an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I watched veterans ombudsman Col. Pat Stogran’s press conference earlier this afternoon and I am shocked. I am sick of your government’s neglect of our vets after they returned to Canada. We need to care for our vets when they get sick or hurt (emotionally or physically) as a result of serving our country. And forcing them to PROVE their injuries in lengthy court battle is no way to treat our vets. We need to learn from our allies’ effort in how they treat their vets with honour and respect.

Shame on you, Mr. Harper. Shame on your government. And shame on us Canadians for letting you neglect the plight of our vets.

You have the power to reappoint Col. Pat Stogran as the veterans ombudsman for another term. At this point, any other appointment will be seen as you finding a yesman that will agree with all your decisions regardless of the tough reality the vets are facing because of your government’s neglect.

We have our Highway of Heroes paying tribute for the dead, it is time we honour and respect the heroes who come home sitting up.

Kempton Lam
Calgary SW


Aug 19, 2010 Update: CBC’s Kady has a good live blog coverage of the press conference with her commentaries and notes.


2 Responses to The plight of our vets neglected – re Veterans Ombudsman Col. Pat Stogran’s press conference

  1. robert hii says:

    Thank you.More of us need to stand up and show support for our vets, dead or alive.

  2. kempton says:

    We and our government have no rights to ask our sons and daughters to risk their lives if we are not going to take care of them properly when they are sick or get hurt (physically or emotionally).

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