Colour association (色彩聯想) – 43rd edition of 2weeks1gathering

Taking colour association (色彩聯想) as a topic, the first thing come to my mind are the “brands” that tried/try to “own” a colour. Here are some examples.

Green by Greenpeace or environmental causes.

Pink by breast cancer foundations.

Blue (Big Blue) by IBM.

Orange by a revolution and a mobile operator.

Yellow by a politician and her revolution. And even I have been using the exact same yellow in my website, something I haven’t talked about much.

Of course, sometimes the colour instead of the ideas behind the colour can become a loaded-baggage like someone being branded “green“, which is why Kevin Roberts has suggested changing from Green to True Blue.

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P.S. Some years ago, possibly after a random chat with my dad, I started to think about colours in reference to the Pantone colour matching system. In hindsight, I think that was a very “business-oriented” and scientific way of thinking about colour.

4 Responses to Colour association (色彩聯想) – 43rd edition of 2weeks1gathering

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  2. Haricot says:

    Here are my immediate thoughts associated with …

    Green = environment, new employees
    Pink = gay, pink-collar ghetto, Cadillac
    Blue = blue sky, music
    Orange = fruit, Orange County (USA), Orangemen (in Canada)
    Yellow = skin colour, Chinese, Yellow-brick Road

  3. kempton says:

    Very unexpected association with pink and Cadillac.

    re Orange: This right?

    Yellow: Looks like yellow association with Chinese will, hopefully, be gone with the younger generations of Canadians.

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